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Rubinetterie Stella for the Manapany Hotel in St. Barts

Stella taps, Italica Leve series - Hotel Manapany 5 star resort
Rubinetterie Stella for the Manapany Hotel in St. Barts it has been modified: 2021-07-04 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

The Italica series, forefather of the historic collections of the Novara company, dresses the bathrooms of the luxurious resort in the French Antilles.

The Manapany Hotel is a 5 star resort which rises on the enchanting island of Saint Barthelemy, named as Eco-resort of the year on the occasion of the second edition of the Hotel & Lodge Business & Meetings Awards, in 2019.
As an Eco-resort, the Manapany is managed in full respect and protection of the natural environment, producing its own water, partially supplying electricity needs through solar panels and avoiding the use of chemical products for cleaning and maintenance.

Le 43 rooms and suites Hotel Manapany surround the island of St. Barts and overlook the Caribbean Sea. Their atmosphere is an elegant blend of contemporary French design and well thought out furnishings made from local materials. All hotel towels are made of bamboo and natural fibers, for cleaning rooms and bathrooms the Manapany uses eco-friendly products and methods.

For its luxurious bathrooms the Hotel has chosen la faucets and the accessories of the Italica Leve series, the ceramic lever version of the historic Italica Leve collection is more than a simple variant: the particular ceramic handles and the ceramic disc head with 90 ° opening-closing, give the whole series a new design, enhancing the modernity of this collection dated 1922.

THU the link to the company's website.

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