A hug to 4 legs

A hug to 4 legs it has been modified: 2016-09-27 di marilena Pannacci

The kennels system Cuddly signed dimarziodesign for DDplus, it proposes new functional and formal solutions, which transform the bed of our pet friends in an innovative furniture.

The Estate is giving way to Autumn and what could be better than a warm embrace for our furry friends 4 legs?

DDplus presents Cuddly, The new system designed by kennels dimarziodesign that this time -as was the case with the "VIP collection" - offers not just a kennel, but a true complement designed to fit in harmony modern furnishings, although solving the functional problems that such an object has.

System of kennels since Cuddly It will not be available only in the version with cushion, but also with removable upholstery, exchangeable and machine washable. A product developed following the design standards of the most classic upholstered furniture, using methacrylate and its brightness in the supporting structure along with the pillow or a quilt with fabrics differentiated by fantasy and robustness. So not only the ability to customize the product based on the characteristics of the pet, but also the opportunity to choose the finish in harmony with the home furnishing.

Cuddly It will be sold in kit form, for easy transport or storage, available in red, black and white, with various types of fabrics. Cuddly It will soon be on sale at the best pet boutiques.

Cuddly It is completely produced in Italy by DDplus






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