Soqquadro to Casaidea 2012

Soqquadro to Casaidea 2012 it has been modified: 2012-02-11 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

On the occasion of Casaidea 2012, now in its 17th edition, the Mides Institute, within the "Officina delle Arti" review (promoted by the Lazio Region - Department of Productive Activities) proposes the theme of "furniture service ”which, in the increasingly functional spaces of today's homes, is of extraordinary utility.

"The servetto: trolleys, tables and small service furniture" this is the theme with which 26 designers measured themselves · proposing modern service furniture, playful "companions" of modern life masterfully made by selected craftsmen in the Lazio region.

One of the projects presented at Casaidea 2012 will be "Soqquadro" by Annarita Mameli and Violetta Canitano (

Soqquadro is a small cube with an ecological soul, which is transformed into the most useful and functional of “service furniture”. A comfortable seat / table made of recycled cardboard, made soft by a natural padding and covered with fabric which, in a fun intertwining of elastic bands, becomes the most multifunctional of service furniture. A "carry everything", light and practical to move, capable of containing, in its game of elastic bands, everything we want at hand in a moment of relaxation, all within reach while sitting comfortably. Soqquadro, through its network of rubber bands, becomes a real vertical table, a multifunctional object to store the book you are reading, the newspaper but also the telephone, the PC, the glass, etc. With Soqquadro, waste becomes a useful handcrafted object of eco design, a modern “servetto” always customizable in size and decoration.

On display at Casaidea from 10 to 18 March 2012 at Casaidea "Mostra dell'abitare" Nuova Fiera di Roma


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