convertible carpet "Blandito" / Oradaria design

carpet coaxed sofa Belnotes 02
convertible carpet "Blandito" / Oradaria design it has been modified: 2013-01-24 di Benedetto Fiori

Blandito it's a carpet convertible Multifunction drawn by Oradaria design, Is able to change appearance and function: armchair, sofa, ottoman, chair, carpet, bed, cot, den and all forms sprung from the imagination of the user.

Due to the special "bolas", wooden balls that act as hooks makes it easy to obtain the desired configuration: just pass the rubber band through the eyelets and secure with wooden ball.

carpet coaxed chair Belnotes 02

carpet coaxed pouf Belnotes 02

carpet coaxed sleeping bag 03

carpet coaxed sleeping bag Belnotes 02

carpet coaxed natural sphere Belnotes 02

carpet carpet coaxed Belnotes 02

The carpet multifunction Blandito you can find it exclusively on from € 359.10

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