Laura Martini / STICK your GUM here

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Laura Martini designer and artist from Milan, declines its creative force and communicational on "Stick your gum here"The project that fights the rudeness and educates citizens to respect the environment. E 'right through the bad habit of sticking chewing gum behind the back of the chairs, paradoxically passed down from generation to generation in school, that Laura Martini, with humor and creativity, relies on memory and remember to respect the environment.

His project "Stick your gum here" starts with an analysis of some data: the civic, education and disposal costs for the recovery of the gum. From that point, ADUC (Association for the Rights of Users and Consumers), says that in Italy rimuovere1 chewing gum from the asphalt coast 1 euro and the time required by the transaction amounts to 2 minutes. Five years is the time instead of actual disposal for that rudeness spitting from the mouth of many people and become a black spot on the sidewalks.

In Ireland, the cost varies from the 3 20 euro per square meter. In Britain, will spend over 240 million euro all'annodi disinfectants and chemicals for the elimination of the tires, while in Germany, the removal of chewing gum weighs 900 million euro on the crates common. "Stick your gum here", therefore, is proposed as a singular ambient marketing strategy that RI-creates the image of the back of the chair, using the "arches PEDESTRIAN" already on territorio.E 'on these arches that Laura Martini jokes with creativity: thread the wooden panel (through six holes that allow you to add them to the arches without damaging them) and you're done. Now, what was once a simple dissuasoredi stop is the back of a chair, fully rounded corners, on which to leave their gum. 


And if you educate to have respect for the rules and the environment helps to reflect and prevents the deterioration of the road surface, Laura Martini, think about customizing the panes with messages designed to raise awareness of the citizen and to make him think. To attack the rudeness just then revisit the use of street furniture in the area. An alternative solution but unhygienic, some will think. On the contrary. The message from "Stick your gum here" for "treating cavities" road is ambivalent: gum paste on the panel, or, reflecting the message delivered, immediately look for a basket where to throw the chewing gum. To clean up the panel? Simple: just remove it and replace the sheets with custom graphics.

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