Share The Art 2012, design competition

Share The Art 2012, design competition it has been modified: 2024-05-13 di Benedetto Fiori

"Sharing - Share ideas and homes," Argent de Posh and Ylda with the project "Caplavur" invite designers and emerging designers to get involved with "Share the Art 2012".

"Share the Art" will look this year at the themes of community, sharing spaces, interaction, social aggregation and life in common, the values ​​at the center of the experience of "Sharing", a temporary social housing project first in Italy.

The KARTELL model 4875 chairs, which have "inhabited" the building in the past, become the basic module for the design and creation of a collective outdoor seat, which will be used by guests and visitors who will use the spaces and services of the social hotel.
The winning proposal will be made by the craftsmen of the network of "Caplavur" and will furnish the outdoor area of ​​the bar of Sharing.

The 4 2012 October, on the occasion of the Anniversary of 1 Sharing, will be held the official presentation of the results of the call for projects and the award ceremony.

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