Milia M Fall - Winter 2013/14 Collection

Milia M DSC0226
Milia M Fall - Winter 2013/14 Collection it has been modified: 2013-03-15 di Benedetto Fiori

Palm prints, maple and autumn leaves, grainy and blurry, tell the story of nature, influenced by the modern world, the beauty altered by technology, life magnified by science.

The texture of the collection for winter 2013 by Milia M is a taste of this meeting, the color palette, the sensuality of the fabric, and the distinctive details, combine to create a unique appeal Milia M.

Milia Maroun is recognized as one of the best fashion designers in Lebanon. With a degree in fashion from Esmod, has worked for years in major fashion houses in France. In 2000 returned to Beirut and launched its own brand Milia M.

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