INKA INKA WOOD and STEEL, the system of systems for contract Billiani

INKA INKA WOOD and STEEL, the system of systems for contract Billiani it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di jessica zannori

39 × 2 elements, 39 × 2 times comfort, quality and application flexibility.

This is INKA, the result of the meeting between Billiani, a company with great artisan and technological know-how with high quality products and the expertise of the architect Roberto Romanello in the design of furnishings for the high-level contract sector.

And it is after this meeting that Billiani starts its path of expanding its catalog of chairs - based on the mastery in woodworking acquired in over one hundred years of activity - with a range of upholstered solutions.

Thus the series INKA: a seating system, A system of systems.

Completeness and beauty

Conceive a series of sessions so wide is an ambitious project, a long path. Today, the series INKA is complete and includes, both for the Wood version, both for the version Steel, 39 those elements with which has always been designed from the outset.

The determination to develop with extreme precision and attention to construction details, quality and ergonomic, is rewarded by the completeness of the system that allows you to find application in a variety of interior design projects: from public spaces to offices, places catering to those of ' hospitality.

Wood and Steel

In line with the DNA of Billiani, the system began as a series INKA WOOD with wooden base, which is flanked by padded volumes extremely minimalist geometric. Thanks to the constant development of the system, INKA is also available in the version,
named STEEL, from the impression more "tech".

The rigor is brought to its highest expression through the combination of flavor
technological metal with the linearity volumes stuffed.

Types and variants

INKA consists 39 elements WOOD with wooden base and 39 STEEL elements with metal base. You are in the catalog different variants of sessions: on curved metal base, on the central column or on a massive padded, with low or high back.

Same variety for the composition of the base of the stools, on the central column or legs, can be high, medium or low.

For living rooms and lounges are available different benches and ottomans, each face unique and distinctive, obtained thanks to the change of volumes and cuts. Great visual impact have then the sofas: variety in terms of shape, color, size and aesthetic qualities: the imposing of the couch or even 3 5 meters refinement of sofas smaller, subtle and intimate, characteristic perfected by the version with high back at Bergère.

To complete the range, armchairs and chairs: swivel or classic, in Bergère or mild low back but intense at the same time.

Coatings, finishes, colors:
Ergonomic padding of polyurethane resins
Coating fabric, microfiber, leather or leather-like.
INKA Wood: Based walnut or beech, lacquered on request
INKA Steel: chrome metal base, painted or Cromocarbonium


BI INKA D 200 hi

BI INKA And 200





BI INKA S 200 D Retro

BI Roberto Romanello INKA A300ST BQ white

BI Roberto Romanello INKA B200ST forward behind

BI Roberto Romanello INKA S200ST S50ST S S

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