Lighting Design LED lighting and energy savings for the archaeological heritage

LED lighting Domus Augustea Linea Light Group
Domus Augustan - Photo credit: Benedict Flowers
Lighting Design LED lighting and energy savings for the archaeological heritage it has been modified: 2017-01-04 di Benedict Flowers

LED lighting technology offers the lighting designer greater flexibility and energy savings, allowing them to achieve results that were unthinkable until a few years ago in the field of lighting the historical heritage.

This is what emerges from the event we participated in, organized in Rome on 28 October by Linea Light Group, leader in the led lighting sector, on the occasion of PLDC, the biennial convention of lighting designers.

That of illuminating the archaeological heritage is a challenge that contains difficulties at different levels, especially if it is, as in this case, places extremely full of historical value, dating back to Roman times, we are talking about the Domus Augustea, the House of Livia and of the baths of Diocletian, three places subject to recent restoration interventions including the rethinking of lighting, led by two Roman lighting designers, Caterina De Camillis and Riccardo Fibbi.

After an initial evaluation phase linked to the constraints imposed by the superintendency, the LED lighting technology was chosen for the many advantages it offers, including the important characteristic of not producing UV rays, an ideal condition for the conservation of the pigments of the areas. decorated.

The lighting design intervention was not limited to lighting in the strict sense, but tried to recreate the original conditions of light and perception of the spaces, as in the Domus Augustea where to achieve this result a ceiling was added, which in addition to host the lighting fixtures, it allows the connotation of closed spaces to be reconferred to the part of the preserved rooms.

The LED lighting technology and the know-how of Linea Light Group, guided by the intuitions of the lighting designers, have made it possible to create an installation in the Domus Augustea with a minimalist presence but with a complex management system for the shades of light behind it, based on the dynamic white concept, that is a white with programmed variations from very cold to very warm shades.

LED lighting Linea Light Group-9479

Domus Augustea - Photo credit: Benedict Flowers

Linea Light Group was born 30 years ago in Veneto as a manufacturer of chandeliers, 15 years ago it began to develop products that use LED as a light source, this determines a turning point that allows the company to expand on the market up to having 10 branches all over the world.

The group brings together 4 brands with products that cover a range of use that goes from the professional field to the residential decorative one.

The strength of Linea Light Group is to be able to supply not only the products in the catalog, but also to produce customized solutions able to meet the specific needs of each project, by virtue of a design approach focused on role of the lighting designer, starting then from listening to then build ad hoc products, products that are sometimes subsequently included in the catalog for their ability to solve some situations in an innovative way.

LED lighting Linea Light Group-9466

Domus Augustea - Photo credit: Benedict Flowers

LED lighting Domus Augustea

Domus Augustan

LED lighting Domus Augustea

Domus Augustan

LED lighting Linea Light Group-9496

Domus Augustea - Photo credit: Benedict Flowers

LED lighting Linea Light Group-9493

Domus Augustea - Photo credit: Benedict Flowers

LED lighting Linea Light Group-9513

Baths of Diocletian - Photo credit: Benedetto Fiori

LED lighting spas of diocletian

Baths of Diocletian, LED lighting Linea Light Group

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