givingshape / innovative POPI umbrella concept

givingshape / innovative POPI umbrella concept it has been modified: 2011-10-18 di jessica zannori

After 4000 years has reached a new umbrella: POPI!
This umbrella solves all the problems related to folding umbrellas by improving comfort and portability. The handle also works as a container that allows you to close the umbrella in it, this has two advantages: the handle is larger and more comfortable and

the umbrella can be stored anywhere, even when wet. Popi has the same dimensions as a standard umbrella and on the production side it has only a small additional cost for the production of the "handle-body". The operation is simple: just pull the top cap and pull out the umbrella as if it were a common folding umbrella to close it again just do the opposite. The idea is two years old, making it public I hope to find a company interested in producing it.






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