FLEUR by Foscarini: A poetic lighting enriched by fresh flowers

FLEUR by Foscarini: A poetic lighting enriched by fresh flowers it has been modified: 2023-07-21 di Benedetto Fiori

FLEUR by Foscarini is a wireless lamp designed by Rodolfo Dordoni that combines lighting with a surprising element: the capacity to contain water and a fresh flower to decorate with elegance.

FLEUR is the name of the new wireless lamp designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini. Characterized by a refined design and carefully studied proportions, this lamp has a dual function that combines lighting with the surprising element of containing water and a fresh flower to decorate with elegance.

FLEUR's design pays great attention to proportions, combining a transparent support with a well-defined diffuser. This lamp is part of Dordoni's research where the support base tends to disappear from view, creating a dialogue between a declared element and a more subtle one. The stylistic exercise consists in the ability to wisely manage the proportions between the two elements.

The desire to create a lamp that presents itself as a discreet presence on the table guided the dimensional choices and finishes. The transparency and lightness of the stem, a Pyrex cylinder open at the top, combine with different colors of the lighting fixture, from the more neutral porcelain colour, which recalls signature dishes, to more distinctive shades.

When the lamp is on, the light underlines the profile of the glass stem and is diffused on the surface thanks to a very small dedicated LED board. This result is the result of a great work of miniaturization of the components carried out by Foscarini. A careful cleaning work of all the technical parts translates into a delicate project that elegantly dresses a function. FLEUR adapts perfectly to both domestic and public environments, such as restaurants, thanks also to the long-lasting battery that can be easily recharged via USB socket.

With its discreet elegance and dual soul, FLEUR by Foscarini presents itself as a unique design object, capable of decorating with pure grace and illuminating with style. Rodolfo Dordoni's work and Foscarini's attention to detail give this lamp a timeless charm that adapts to any context.

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