Energy / Emo design for Jacuzzi

01 Energy
Energy / Emo design for Jacuzzi it has been modified: 2012-10-29 di jessica zannori

Energy is a balanced synthesis of formal uniqueness and functionality, comfort and ergonomics are conjugated with a minimalist and timeless design. A Democrat but distinctive product that enhances the technological capabilities Jacuzzi respecting the aesthetic canons cleaning without compromising product performance. Through the positioning of adjustable jets and the interior comfort, Energy offers everyone the perfect experience of true Jacuzzi.

The touch controls integrated into the pool, the result of research emo designAllow to activate the preferred mode of operation with a simple touch.

Material: Acrylic
Type: Bath
Size: x 70 170 57 xh cm x or 80 180 57 xh cm
Manufacturer: Jacuzzi Europe
Year: 2012

06 Energy

07 Energy

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