Conca to fuorisalone 2012, between Cinema and Spa, with Maurizio Favetta and Simone Micheli

Conca to fuorisalone 2012, between Cinema and Spa, with Maurizio Favetta and Simone Micheli it has been modified: 2012-04-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Ceramic Basin participates in the Fuori Salone in Milan, from the 17 22 April 2012, in two major events: "The Fiction Hotel" in Via Tortona in the heart of Milan, and Sense is Simple "The SPA" by Simone Micheli, at the elegant space Impluvium Triennale.

"The Fiction Hotel" it is a container of stories that develops in different environments, alternating between different cinematic scenarios. As in a real hotel, the public, at the entrance, must register and proceed to check-in before embarking on a path that reconstructs the most evocative atmospheres of famous films, including Casino Royale, Il Gattopardo, Stargate, Pulp Fiction, Fitzcarraldo , Matrix and Ran. Created by Maurizio Favetta in collaboration with the Kingsize Architects team, it is a three-dimensional image path where the public is invited to move and touch the Matter, chosen to express its uniqueness. As part of the project in the Hotel Restaurant and Hotel Room areas, Ceramica del Conca presents MONTE NAPOLEONE FAST, the first application of the newly patented DEL CONCA FAST innovative dry laying system, revolutionary as it can be laid without connecting joints, obtaining a continuous surface without joints. Immediately walkable, it can be dismantled and reused. With MONTE NAPOLEONE FAST, simplicity and the immediate possibility of walking on the newly laid floor are combined with the perfect aesthetics of the textures and colors of the wood. A fair compromise between wear resistance and the warmth of nature. These surfaces do not get damaged by bumps or scratches, they do not change tone with time and with the sun's rays. They can also be used in the bathroom and kitchen because the tiles do not deform in contact with water, steam and humidity.

Sense is Simple "The SPA" by Simone Micheli represents an oasis capable of satisfying the needs of escape from reality, an elegant, stimulating and improbable cross-section of a wellness center, in which lightness, simplicity, harmony, instinct are modeled; a small corner of Paradise, in which to take refuge, to escape from the chaos in which man lives every day. Ceramica del Conca has supplied the architect Micheli, with whom he has been collaborating for some years, Nat DUE, with a full-body porcelain stoneware in the 60 × 60 format with a thickness of 20mm. A tile with soft colors animated by unexpected flashes created thanks to the most sophisticated use of digital technology, ideal for dry outdoor installation and for raised installation with special supports. The extremely high technological potential makes Nat a product of great emotional impact capable of enhancing the space with an exclusive natural imprinting.


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