CHAPEAUX by Foscarini: Elegant and versatile table lamps to create unique atmospheres

CHAPEAUX by Foscarini: Elegant and versatile table lamps to create unique atmospheres it has been modified: 2023-07-06 di Benedetto Fiori

CHAPEAUX by Foscarini, a collection of table lamps with a refined and elegant design, created by Rodolfo Dordoni. The different versions with metal, glass and bone china diffuser hats offer unique atmospheres with a soft and indirect light.

Foscarini and the designer Rodolfo Dordoni come together again to present CHAPEAUX, a refined and elegant project in which the compositional elements have been reduced to a minimum. It is a collection of table lamps that stand out for their diffuser-hat proposed in three different versions for shapes and materials, thus offering three different light atmospheres and three distinct ways of furnishing.

CHAPEAUX is a project born from maximum synthesis and simplification, composed of three elements simply placed one on top of the other. The almost invisible Pyrex support acts as a base and hides all the technical components, while inside there is a floating heart of light. The three diffuser hats are made of metal, glass and bone china, each featuring different shapes and sizes.

When switched off, CHAPEAUX is an elegant and discreet presence, but when switched on, it reveals itself as surprising. The light it gives off is indirect, soft and delicate, which lightly bathes the transparent pyrex body, making it visible even in its thickness. Foscarini has developed a light source specially designed to achieve this effect: a bulb in the shape of an ampoule that emits light radially, making it bounce inside the diffusers and then reaching the table top with an intense and functional light, but never dazzling.

The charm of CHAPEAUX lies in its structure which seems to support everything, yet at the same time disappears from view. The three elements leaning on each other to create three different lights and unique atmospheres. The pyrex body is made up of a cylindrical stem that widens like a funnel at both ends and houses the diffuser-hat without joints, the distinctive element that gives the lamp its name. The three hats, all characterized by a central hole but different in size, shape and material, respond to different aesthetic needs, always maintaining a great visual lightness.

The most minimalist proposal in the series is CHAPEAUX M, the version with a metal reflector hat, ideal for more contemporary interiors. Thin and light, it essentially reflects the light on the surface, making it perfect for illuminating a desk.

With the blown glass hat, CHAPEAUX V represents a modern interpretation of tradition. The charm of the cased blown glass diffuser is amplified thanks to the welcoming and warm light that spreads throughout the room when the lamp is on.

Finally, CHAPEAUX P presents a bone china porcelain diffuser characterized by soft shapes and thin thicknesses. This precious material gives the lamp a refined design, illuminating itself delicately and filtering the light in a gentle way, also reflecting it on the support surface.

With its three different versions proposed in multiple chromatic variants, CHAPEAUX plays with light and its effects through different shapes and materials. This collection offers the possibility to choose between different luminous personalities to create unique atmospheres that can be adapted to different furnishing styles.

Foscarini and Rodolfo Dordoni, with their historic collaboration, have given life to CHAPEAUX, a collection of table lamps that combines sophisticated and minimalist aesthetics with a soft and suggestive light. Each element of this collection has been carefully designed to offer suspended and impalpable light magic, creating a welcoming and charming atmosphere.

With CHAPEAUX, Foscarini once again demonstrates its ability to combine innovative design and lighting technology, offering unique lighting solutions to enrich domestic and work spaces. This collection represents a perfect choice for those who wish to furnish with style and personality, creating a suggestive and welcoming atmosphere through the magic of light.

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