BBMDS / Moodern chair, LetteraG

BBMDS / Moodern chair, LetteraG it has been modified: 2012-04-25 di Benedetto Fiori

The Moodern chair, designed by BBMDS, was born as a response to a double need on the part of LetteraG: on the one hand, the desire to give new life to the Formica chairs found in the company's warehouse and used in the 50s for the company canteen; on the other hand, the need to communicate the flexibility and know-how of the company capable of producing products with a high degree of customization.

The idea developed by BBMDS It is very simple: keep the iconic shape and belonging to the memory of each of the now vintage chair intervening minimally on the structure and working of materials, colors and finishes.


The result is a collection of chairs in frosted methacrylate on both sides with polished edge (seat and back) and lacquered metal (structure). Two different materials in the same color (according to a palette departure studied very carefully, but declinable depending on your needs) that generate unexpected monochrome and soft effects transparencies.







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