Barbara Pece / Armchair Cleo

Barbara Pece / Armchair Cleo it has been modified: 2011-04-14 di jessica zannori

Designed by Barbara Pece, a multifaceted creative graduate in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, “Cleo” is a modular tetrahedral-shaped armchair in polyurethane foam. It can be broken down into 9 figures for different use, which can be made with simple overturning of the 4 modules that compose it, which are joined together

by simple zippers, they can be completely separated and removed. The product can be made in 3 different sizes for the needs of different spaces. It is suitable both for large spaces, such as hotels, waiting areas (airports, stations), clubs, swimming pools, both for modern style houses or for singles, with little space and many needs, and finally in the smaller version for spaces for children, such as kindergartens, game rooms, interactive museums, because children more than anyone know how to imagine what is not yet there! Barbara Pece is looking for a producer interested in investing in young people and modern shapes, available for a collaboration.



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