Maraca: the new ames beach chair-hammock

ames maraca
Maraca: the new ames beach chair-hammock it has been modified: 2019-02-22 di Elena Brunati

With maraca Sebastian Herkner creates a very special object for ames: a lounge chair inspired by the classic Colombian hammock chairs. Natural colors and folkloric motifs spread joy of life and make the maraca a real attraction. The chair made of pure cotton and powder-coated steel is available in three colors and will make its official debut at the Cologne furniture fair 2019.

The maracas sound: on the northern coast of Colombia the rhythm is punctuated by these beloved rattles. The province of Bolívar still bears the imprint of the Zenu, an indigenous population of partly African origins. The region is famous for its craftsmanship and music: while the bongos and maracas are the instruments of the gaitero musicians, the woven fabrics and chairs characterize the life of the Bolivar artisans. Particularly prestigious are the folklore hamacas, the traditional hammocks of the region: for hundreds of years, during the marriage ceremony, the fiancé gives the future wife a hamaca as a symbol of their bond. Even the maraca born of the inspiration of Sebastian Herkner is a sort of bond. It is a link between a recliner and a deck chair, between a piece of character and a casual object. With the maraca, the designer combines traditional materiality and the model of the hamacas with a language of clear and current form.

Ames produces the powder-coated steel frame in an old factory in Bogotá and the upholstery of the chair is exclusively hand-woven by women artesanas in Bolívar. This refers to the ancient traditions of the Zenu who lived in a matriarchal society: since then it is only the women who deal with the weaving of the hamacas. Every woman in the small villages of Bolívar has its own frame. The cotton threads are dyed with natural colors and then worked. To fix the bright colors, the artesanas use salt and almidon, a natural starch.

Maraca is part of the "ames sala by sebastian herkner" collection that ames presented to the public for the first time at the IMM Cologne Cologne 2016. The ames sala collection also comprises several lines of wool blankets and rugs, cushions, black and red ceramic objects, esparto baskets, two series of outdoor furniture with colored tubular steel structures and woven plastic, chairs in leather, a bicycle and fierce carpets.

Chromatic combinations

Green / Púrpura / Rojo (fabric) | Mint (frame) Naranja / Dorado / Rojo (fabric) | Meat (frame) Dorado / Púrpura / Rojo (fabric) | Black (frame)

Para los gourmets: for a vigorous start of the day there is the traditional cayeye: small green bananas that are cooked, crushed and then mixed with the refrito (a mixture of onions, garlic, tomatoes and red pepper). Complete the queso costeño, freshly grated Colombian cheese. This dish is well accompanied by roasted fish or beef, but also fried eggs and avocado. ¡Buen provecho!

Design: Sebastian Herkner, 2018

ames maraca

ames maraca

ames maraca

ames maraca

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