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New material and new graphics for Skinwall: the wallpaper is Trend

The 2018 is a year of great news and emotions for Skinwall, we are proud to present the innovative Perlato material, a precious fabric with a soft opalescent texture and a new collection of well-known 43 graphics.

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LAGO / The project wins the Adriatic Coast Apartment

Lake, A leader in Italy in the field of design furniture, invests in the Adriatic coast was inaugurated in Rimini, Sunday October in via Vegetables 6 9, the fourteenth Flat Lake, A formula that combines the concept of showrooms at a real house, inhabited and open to the city. Imagine a real apartment - inhabited and fully furnished with the products of a leading worldwide Italian - whose owner or "tenant", passionate design, regularly opens its doors to citizens organizing and hosting the inside of various cultural events kind.

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Rural Boxx / Il Covo

The idea is to transform a haystack in a outdoor seating. A horse will eat a portion forming a concavity in the bale, which when inverted will become one space to sit. Everything will be wrapped in a strip of felt, in which soft pockets will the accessories: A folding tray, a ladder. Once removed, the felt can be used again, while the sheaf will again become fodder for animals. LINK

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Simone Micheli / i-Suite Rimini

"The new luxury does not mean immobility or habit, but rather freedom and movement." Says Simone Micheli in designing the interior of the i-Suite Rimini and while

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