Rural Boxx / Il Covo

THE FRONT-DEN-by-Rural-Boxx
Rural Boxx / Il Covo it has been modified: 2012-12-04 di Alessio Zurgoni

The idea is to transform a haystack in a outdoor seating. A horse will eat a portion forming a concavity in the bale, which when inverted will become one space to sit. Everything will be wrapped in a strip of felt, in which soft pockets will the accessories: A folding tray, a ladder. Once removed, the felt can be used again, while the sheaf will again become fodder for animals. LINK

Prototype presented in 2012 to SUN.LAB and ECOMONDO, Rimini.

design by RURAL BOXXAlessandro Zorzetto + Francesca Modolo + Luciano Aldrighi

The-den-by-Rural-Boxx T 03

The-den-by-Rural-Boxx 02

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