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Opening words for the second year at the Milan Design Week

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Opening words for the second year at the Milan Design Week it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di Benedict Flowers

Research and experimentation, creativity and craftsmanship emerging evolved:

these are the hallmarks of Incipit, young Italian who has made collaboration with young designers their hallmark.

Founded in the spring of 2013 brainchild of Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein, Incipit It immediately stood out for the originality of their work: produces exclusively in Italy pointing to a new promotion of Made in Italy, not only by involving local producers, but also approaching so new to the product. Beginning is also a training workshop, a workshop where you learn the arts and crafts of being designers over the years 2000.

For the second consecutive year Incipit returns to the general public through the exhibition spaces of Ventura Lambrate, privileged place for years young and creativity converge and where there are the most interesting and innovative in design.

True to its manifesto, Incipit presents a new collection made of unique and practical, that using everyday materials, propose innovative forms and simple design.

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It is by Paola Monaco of Arianello and Laura Pessoni, Milanese designers by adoption, the Videom ceramic and cement umbrella stand. The idea arises from the observation of a simple and instinctive gesture like placing an umbrella and translates into neutral elements that integrate with the environment, taking up the construction materials.

Ceramics and cement were applied to simple shapes of the two compositional elements: the top soft and cozy, the solid and compact.

An accessory wooden complete the project: an element essential lines integrates the softness of the ceramic top. The tale of gestures implicit in the spatial context translates into objects easy to understand where the design dissolves in behavior, thus building a relationship with people.

Technical features:

Umbrella stand composed of two elements overlap, top white ceramic and concrete base. Top perforated to allow insertion umbrellas.
Available with linear decoration in natural stained wood on which are grafted 2 shaped elements on which to hang umbrellas or other (cm ø 1,5cm xh 80)

_portaombrelli small: cm 20x20x10
_portaombrelli great: cm 35x33x10

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Tull 1

Tommaso Caldera, a designer who works with Incipit the first collection, proposes a new design of Tull.

The lamp, overhead and floor, comes from a reinterpretation of old lamps that usually were in the workshops or in industrial warehouses. The idea at the base of this product was to take an object born to an industrial use and transport it in a domestic environment, addolcendone forms.

Tull in this new collection is embellished with a metallic finish, which highlights the vintage-inspired giving it an elegant look. Two materials such as copper and nickel are combined and are available in glossy and matt creating an object with a strong personality and refined, perfect for large contract environments.

The cage, which in the old lamps protected the light source, has been redesigned to accommodate the speaker and thanks to the strong contrasts glossy and matte, influence the light creating spectacular shadows.

Technical features:

Suspension lamp and table, aluminum diffuser painted, structure steel wire bent, welded and painted in mold. Lampholder E27, installation in accordance with EEC. Available in colors: turquoise / orange, orange / beige, charcoal gray / turquoise, copper / nickel metallic. For the desktop version leather handle for transport.
Dimensions: cm ø xh 36 40

Tull 2

Tull 3

Tull 4

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