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Color and multifunctionality: a Casaidea 2016 many ideas for the bedroom

Casaidea 2016
Casaidea 2016
Color and multifunctionality: a Casaidea 2016 many ideas for the bedroom it has been modified: 2016-02-26 di francescapress

Password is convertibility: For the bedroom of the smaller, like the other rooms of the house, it is important to choose furniture that express functionality and style.

Many ideas and innovations with the furniture and design industry back on display, 12 22 from the March to the New Fair of Rome, in Casaidea 2016The 42esima Show dell'Abitare organized da MOA Cooperative Society.

color palette

With two days more than in past years, the event provides more time to explore many ideas and suggestions and to best design any room in the house. Also for the little ones, many new full color: pastel shades to the brightest huesThe blue company details, red, yellow, green or pink and make the game more fun and comfortable studio.

green bedroom

green bedroom

The cabinet ends under the bed

Ideally divide the spaces according to age and hobbies of those who inhabit the room is essential. The room is indeed for the little ones a real mini-house, safe haven and game room. space-saving solutions They are the most popular and recommended. On show at Casaidea 2016, many multifunctional solutions that make the bedroom "Magical": the loft bed is electrically adjustable in height, giving free access to the space below during the day, while a containment structure - which saves the use of a wardrobe - is the smart and elegant solution for smaller rooms.

space-saving bedroom

space-saving bedroom

Light and space

Before any decision is good, to avoid disappointment, taking precisely the measures of the room, mark the location of doors, windows and radiators. Also the lighting to make the space bright, more comfortable and livable. If natural light is low, the advice of the experts is the use of white or light wood, Playing with color in the details. From classic to modern, from the country touch to the industrial, visitors to Casaidea 2016 will find the ideal mix for elegant and functional environments, according to their taste, and in style with the rest of the house.

And for older ...

Not only news for the little ones: in 3 pavilions dedicated to the design and furnishing you can take an ideal route between the various environments of dwelling, browsing among the many home decor solutions for the bedroom and the living area, kitchen and bathroom furniture, proposed by the addition 250 exhibiting companies.

Casaidea offers quality products for all tastes, from classical to modern, Expression of industry tradition and craftsmanship made in Italy. The presence of Chambers of Commerce of Rome and CNA They are evidence, with furniture in fine woods, natural colors and handmade carvings.

All companies in the exhibition, highly qualified and specialized, offer a number of value-added services ranging from technical assistance design, from assembly to guarantee. more and more services required and appreciated by the end user.

An exhibition of national importance which welcomes exhibitors and furniture from different regions of Italy, an event that captures every year the attention of about 100mila visitors and renews this year's attention to new trends in the industry with the launch of the contest "Originalia".

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From the 12 22 2016 March

New Fair of Rome - Fiumicino East Entrance

Saturday and Sunday EUR 8,00 input

Monday to Friday free admission


Opening hours

Sat. 12 - 15:30 pm / 20:30 pm

Sun 13 - 10: 30/20: 30

From Mon. 14 to Fri. 18 - from 15:30 pm to 20:30 pm

Sat 19 and Sun 20 - 10: 30/20: 30

Mon. 21 and Tue. 22 - 15pm / 30pm

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