Lessmore, furniture even greener in collaboration with the moss design

Lessmore, furniture even greener in collaboration with the moss design it has been modified: 2013-11-05 di eggired

Lessmore presents a version even more "Green" its furnishings through the mixture with moss design.
Ecodesign The collection, designed by Giorgio Caporaso is a lovely example of how designers and company have managed
to create furniture-opera taste and distinctive design respecting the dictates that make a product a "Manifesto of sustainability"

Three different products Lessmore have been redesigned by the designer in this perspective: More Light library, the coffee table "cap" and the table
In this version, through the coupling of a moss particular that resists long and does not need particular
bring a small piece of garden in our homes. If you choose a product Lessmore is an act of love the planet,
This mini series is a demonstration of how even starting from simple materials you can create design solutions eccentric,
fun and absolutely "New".


the coffee table "cap"


the library More Light

Lessmore design 2013

The choice of materials is in fact only the most immediately tangible approach "Ecofriendly" of a company, but there are other
processes that determine the sustainability of an embodiment. In the production is given great importance to the management of consumption,
monitoring of emissions, the waste reduction and management of storage storage and handling.
The furnishings are functional Lessmore, Designed to last (although mainly in corrugated cardboard), easy to assemble and
- Once you have finished using - can be disposed completely.

Giorgio Caporaso for Lessmore

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