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There is a lot of talk about the Green Economy, enhancing a virtuous model of economic development that analyzes the system not only from the point of view of profit, but also considers the environmental impact and potential environmental damage connected to it.

In Rome a conference organized by IED and from Province of Rome, discuss the topic with industry experts.
The appointment is on May 16th from 17pm at Porta Futuro with BELLO, GOOD, RIGHT IS THE PROJECT!, which takes place as part of the cycle of conferences and lectures on project culture entitled "Design Oriented - project and new professions ", promoted by IED, the Department of Labor and Training Policies of the Province of Rome in collaboration with Porta Futuro and Roma Provincia Creativa.
The goal is to help young people understand their attitudes and accompany them in the development of their paths

Starring meetings are scholars and experts of international level followed by a series of open lectures on the topics discussed, edited by teachers IED.
The 16 May with the conference Beautiful, good, fair is the project! will address the theme of the project
and sustainable cultural and economic implications of the Green Economy Fabio Renzi, General secretary of Symbola  Andrea Baranes, President of the Cultural Foundation for Ethical Responsibility of the network of Banca Etica, Claudio Cipollini, general manager of Retecamere, Francesco Subioli, President of ADI-Umbria and professor IED.
From Shanghai in connection with Skype, there will also be Nicola Pagnano, An architect who has been working and living in China, expert in Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Urban Design.

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