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Table Split / iManufatti it has been modified: 2013-01-25 di Benedict Flowers

Split is a living room table made by iManufatti with recycled material: 10 cm maple wood track (pin deck), traditional pins with a Canadian hard maple core (“Maple”) with synthetic coating and bowling ball. The stage configuration is a split 3.7.10

It defines "split" the arrangement of pins that is created when it is almost impossible to break down the standing pins
after the first launch.
The base is the end of a regulation bowling alley duly smoothed and polished. The pins are fixed to the plate
with steel tie rods and tied in the upper part by a shaped and tempered glass 10 mm thick, to complete the work, a suitably carved bowl was positioned to house a stainless steel container that can be used as an ashtray, as a candy holder or other.

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