Patricia Urquiola to Kvadrat / collection of fabrics for upholstery and linings

Kavdrat Urquiola Grid 1
Patricia Urquiola to Kvadrat / collection of fabrics for upholstery and linings it has been modified: 2013-05-22 di Benedict Flowers

Patricia Urquiola He presented his first collection for textile design Kvadrat: + Grid 1 2, Matrix, Memory, Dropse Winding offer different abstract designs that combine sophisticated colors, a pleasant feel and a strong sense of depth and volume.

The collection includes curtains and upholstery fabrics characterized by abstract patterns that leave perceive irregularities. The 'randomness' of the intrinsic reasons merges with a certain order and a certain continuity in the process of production of the fabric. These issues refer to a fluid universe and connected.
Grid + 1 2, have MATRIXE Memory look 'digital' and are available in complementary colors. With the exception of Memory, offer a unique game of shapes seemingly random, made of smaller elements arranged in a grid. They are all in a color contrasting with the background.

Grid 1 + 2e Memory are upholstery fabrics, while Matrix can be used as fabric for upholstery and as tent. Memory can be combined with other upholstery fabrics for the color palette and the structure is not a iforme. For its looks uneven and irregular, is the only of the collection not to present particular shapes or lines. The lightness characterizes the other two tissues of the collection, the curtains Dropse Winding. Both have colored stripes on a transparent background ranging from one selvedge to another. Due to their individuality and vivid expressions, the fabrics of the collection Urquiola are ideal for hotels and private homes.

Drops detail

Drops all

Kavdrat Urquiola Grid 2

Kavdrat Urquiola Grid 3

Kavdrat Urquiola Matrix 1

Kavdrat Urquiola Matrix 2

Kavdrat Urquiola all Matrix

Kavdrat Urquiola Melody 2

Kavdrat Urquiola Melody at

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