Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi, new collection premiered at Macef 2013

PUZZLE01 byManuelBarbieri ScandolaMarmi
Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi, new collection premiered at Macef 2013 it has been modified: 2013-09-13 di Benedict Flowers

Design, research and innovation in the collection of fancy marble for the home and kitchen designed by Manuel Barbieri to Scandola Marmi previewed at MACEF-Creations.
Manuel Barbieri, Designer and art director who has assets of several partnerships with companies such as Zero Line, Purapietra and Margraf, will be present at MACEF in special creations with the first collection of fancy marble for the home and kitchen designed for Scandola Marmi, a company that so far has dealt only floors and walls in natural stone.

New design project by Manuel Barbieri is a set of objects with clean lines designed to be implemented in all variants of stones available in the company to meet the tastes of the users: a cutting board / tray, a wall clock, a trivet, vases, candle holders and a set table, designed for the online sales and therefore, despite the fine material, designed to be functional, lightweight, practical to send.

The collection will be exhibited at MARMOMACC in Verona from the 25 28 September.

KING COLLECTION 1 by Manuel Barbieri 72dpi

SET THE TABLE: King Collection. Design Manuel Barbieri

The King Collection has a regal spirit. The concept is inspired by the majestic rings they wore the sovereigns, with showy initial and large precious stones. And the lavish tables imbanditeper rich lunches every delight. The set consists of placemat, coaster and napkin marble material at the table expresses the ambivalence between formal elegance and conviviality. Can be interpreted in different ways, from white Carrara, speaking of design and minimalism, until the yellow that gives real luxury equipment.

BRICK byManuelBarbieri ScandolaMarmi 3GO

HOLDER: Brick. Design Manuel Barbieri

Brick is a candleholder marble thought as impressive element, which becomes the protagonist of the space. Its solid shape and present, is reminiscent of a brick, but refined and elegant. Available in two versions for three or six candles in white Carrara marble and gray in the east, is the most rigorous and minimalist piece of the entire collection Scandola Marmi.

Octagon Scandola1

TABLE: Octagon. Design Marco Magalini

The Octagon collection, designed by Marco Magalini, includes tables with the octagonal shape made of different kinds of marble with slender iron legs pointed. The basic idea is to transform the material, usually In furnishing conceived as a coating, in a tribute to the geometry. Octagon is perfect for both indoor, for a composition in single or living as a nightstand in the bedroom, both for the outdoors. Lightweight, can be easily relocated.

CITYCOLLECTION byManuelBarbieri ScandolaMarmi 1016

WATCHES: City Collection. Design Manuel Barbieri

"Thinking about the city that I have visited, I will visit and I want to visit - says the designer Manuel Barbieri - I reported on paper the shadows of the houses in the scorching summer sun." From stylized silhouettes comes a collection of four clocks or countertop marble. The hands, fluorescent color in contrast, highlight the profile and make it more contemporary and design materials. The profiles resemble houses Italian, Austrian, Moroccan and Arabic: places full of traditions, costumes and charm. Every time we look forward will be nice to think that city that we have not yet visited or to one where we fell in love ...

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