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HOMI, the new great Macef, presents GARDEN & OUTDOOR, the new great Home Garden: 19-22 JANUARY 2014

GARDEN & OUTDOOR It is the special satellite of Homi reserved for the 'outdoor design & living e the garden.


HI-CIGARETTE / The first hi-Fun electronic cigarette presented at Macef 2013

hi-Fun It submits to Macef, from the 12 15 September hi-Cigarettea electronic cigarette high quality, equipped with a 650 mAh battery, with LED indicators to display the remaining battery and power regulator with three different intensities (light, medium, strong).


Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi, new collection premiered at Macef 2013

Design, research and innovation in the collection of fancy marble for the home and kitchen designed by Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi previewed at MACEF-Creations.
Manuel Barbieri, Designer and art director who has assets of several partnerships with companies such as Zero Line, Purapietra and Margraf, will be present at MACEF in special creations with the first collection of fancy marble for the home and kitchen designed for Scandola Marmi, a company that so far has dealt only floors and walls in natural stone.


Ultra Ordinaire / Macef the first dinner service decorated with Duffau Associés

The French study Duffau Associés submit to macef for Ultra Ordinaire robots of Play communs series and the collection of plates Textures A1 produced according to Limoges tradition, born in 1771 following the discovery of kaolin. Limoges porcelain - He is known worldwide for its mixture of kaolin - is a perfectly fine white porcelain, a mixture of different components heated to a temperature of 1400 ° to reach the characteristic transparency of porcelain.


Gemstone / the trendiest watch of the moment at Macef 2013

It will be presented to macef, Modern, attractive and versatile, gemstone is the exclusive design watch from SEDIARREDA.COM. The brainchild of David Bonanni and Gentle Giants, is a truly unique accessory of its kind for its dual functionality and extraordinary aesthetic impact, thanks to the perfect fit of its components.