Linito, chair and stool designed by Yu Ito for Formabilio

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Linito, chair and stool designed by Yu Ito for Formabilio it has been modified: 2015-03-18 di jessica zannori

Linito chair and stool, designed by Yu Ito to Formabilio and made entirely of metal bent.

In Linito the choice of the graphic sign underlines the robustness of the material, a sheet of steel laser cut and folded to give body to the backrest, the generous shell and the solidity of the base. The rigidity of the metal is lightened by the chromatic choice of the finishes. Linito can be completed with a cushion covered in ecological fabric.

Perfect in living next to a sofa or be assigned to the head of the table in order to highlight the importance, is a Linito sitting with a strong stage presence, On which it is easy to give a tone.

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Linito is one stool where you can find lines and materials declined chair Linito. This furniture has a dual function, accentuated by the element pillow that fact, once removed, the stool turns into a coffee table. Housed in a sheet steel laser cut and folded, Linito stool is available in the same colors of the chair.

To be placed in the living room sitting next to the throne of the same line or simply alone in front of the couch in the room as a bedside table or in the bathroom next to the tub, with Linito stool harbors an accent of color energy in your home.

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