LED + Copper = Lederam, the new lamps by Catellani & Smith

LED + Copper = Lederam, the new lamps by Catellani & Smith it has been modified: 2014-11-16 di jessica zannori

Copper is the metal that absolute man sees from more time and with more intensity.

Coveted, and above all, for his peculiar pinkish or reddish, which gives it a warm and charming, copper is characterized by a high level of conductivity, resistance, making it one of the most versatile materials available today.

It lends itself optimally to interacting, almost playing, with light, and the new Lederam collection by Catellani & Smith is proof of this.

From the wisdom of Enzo Catellani and his ability to shape the light, was born a line of light sources minimal, but the impact sensational and intense, a collection made unique by disks finished copper colored leaf enclosing a form generation LED.

With Lederam, available in floor, table, wall and suspension, the copper is tinged with light and is forged into true masterpieces of skill and craftsmanship Made in Italy: unique pieces from the artistic value can embellish the interiors in which you insert them.

Lederam lights are designed to be protagonists of space and focus in a body reduced to the essential, almost geometric and stylized, all the history and excitement of creating, with love and passion, its Enzo Catellani.

Lederam, with rod and base metal, aluminum disc hub and nickel, is available in several configurations of color, even with hard black, white or gold leaf. The light source, to the mains voltage, does not require a transformer, and is easily dimmable. Surprisingly the LED, in combination with amber hues of metals, reveals a magnetic light and magic, zen, meditative, with a reduced consumption and therefore absolutely environmentally friendly.












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