Flos reveals its latest lighting innovations at Euroluce 2023 in Milan

Flos MDW stand
Flos reveals its latest lighting innovations at Euroluce 2023 in Milan it has been modified: 2023-04-25 di Benedetto Fiori

Flos presented its new lighting proposals during the 31st edition of euroluce, held at the Milan Fair. The 2023 edition of the international lighting exhibition was an opportunity for Flos to present the decorative, architectural and outdoor innovations in a completely renewed and cutting-edge exhibition and cultural format.

The exhibition project of Flos stood out for its unexpected and original approach, entrusting the setting up of the stand to the creativity of the Milanese architect duo Calvi Brambilla, also Design Curators of the brand. The event presented a stand made up of six capsules, each dedicated to a novelty and made up of two intersected cubic or cylindrical volumes.

The abstract concept underlying the idea of ​​the lamp was expressed in the first part of each capsule, while the second part presented the lamp in all its sculptural and luminous presence. The exhibition itinerary offered the visitor the opportunity to follow a circular itinerary and immerse themselves, passing from one capsule to another, in the narration of each single product.

The Flos stand, a space of about 800 square meters, hosted eleven new proposals across all divisions: Decorative, Architectural and Outdoor. The new collections have marked eco-sustainable characteristics, from the search for recycled and recyclable materials to reduce the environmental impact, to the abolition of the use of glues and welding, to the ease of disassembly, repair, or replacement of the various parts.

The stand set-up was completed by the presence of a green space at the center of the architecture, curated by Studio Lilo of Berlin. The ephemeral installation based on the use of moss made it possible to create an organic space and a green connector to create a natural path between the spaces and form a central agora of reception and common spaces.

In summary, the 2023 edition of Euroluce allowed Flos to present its latest innovations in an unexpected and original way, combining cutting-edge design with a strong focus on eco-sustainability and the beauty of greenery.

In addition to the design icons present in the Flos collection, there are also some contemporary design innovations. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, famous French designers, have created two collections for Flos, which combine advanced technology and craftsmanship. Konstantin Grcic has created a sculptural lamp that escapes any type of classification, while Canadian designer Philippe Malouin has presented an adjustable table lamp with exceptional ecological qualities.

Furthermore, Flos presented a new family of lamps designed for work spaces, characterized by an extremely slim design and advanced lighting technology, thanks to the light sources and exclusive optics developed by the Flos architectural division. These products were presented in a dedicated room of the stand, together with other novelties, such as track systems, spotlights and a new linear light unit, designed by Jorge Herrera, which can be applied to the Zero Track Pro system.

Finally, Flos reaffirmed the importance of its Outdoor Manifesto, a program that promotes a conscious and responsible approach to the lighting of outdoor spaces, presenting a selection of iconic products and two new outdoor solutions, Ingraze and Spine 0 by Vincent Van Duysen , in the external areas of the stand and in the central "square".

Roberta Silva, CEO of Flos, commented: “I am very happy with the presence of Flos at Euroluce, I believe that the new course of the event is a sign of rebirth, a new way of creating a system that implies a sharing of responsibility and commitment in the development of design solutions to support new lifestyles . I am also very proud of what Flos represents today: an extraordinary encounter between authentic design, technological innovation, and an eco-sustainable approach to lighting design. This is what we want to convey to the Euroluce public, speaking a transversal language that unites the decorative and technical worlds. "

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