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FOIL - A FIXED ATTACK SQUARE GEOMETRY it has been modified: 2015-06-17 di SingolFixie

The soul of stainless steel, the strength steel, the pipes square section and the carvings made by laser cutting: born FOIL, a fixed gear bike sculpted by art.

Designed, produced and assembled by expert hands, 100% Made In Italy LAMINA is a stainless steel frame-fork set, with an unmistakable, clean and gritty design, one of a kind.

With the charm of craftsmanship, a real pearl in steel, built using reeds rectangular section and corners of the conjunction of all new.

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The attention to detail is expressed by the unmistakable building of the front fork and the rear dropout through laser machining.

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Balance of power, broken lines, parallels the barrels, alternating solids and voids.

LAMINA is in fact part of Archetype Series - SingolFixie, an innovative and contemporary range that combines avant-garde bike concepts. 

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