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Laura Martini / Post-Gum it has been modified: 2012-05-23 di Benedetto Fiori

Post-GumWhich chooses the circuit of billboards, is multifunctional already named. Evolution of the project Stick Your Gum Here, Post-Gum is presented as a poster by colorful graphics and captivating.

Adaptable on walls, fences or on stands, consists 250 adhesives (as if they were post-it notes to remind you not to throw on the ground chewing gum) to detach and use to avoid soiling the sidewalks of our cities. Not just a poster, then, but a lot more. Starting from the economy. Because it teaches respect for the environment, reduces the costs that municipalities have to support each year to remove chewing gum.

We remind you that, in fact, according to the ADUC (Association for the Rights of Users and Consumers) - in Italy, removing 1 chewing gum from the asphalt costs 1 euro and the time required for the operation is 2 minutes. Five years, on the other hand, is the effective disposal time for that rudeness spit from the mouth of many people and become a black spot on the pavements. In Ireland, the cost varies from 3 to 20 euros per square meter. In Great Britain, over 240 million euros a year are spent on disinfectants and chemicals for gum elimination, while in Germany, chewing gum removal weighs 900 million euros on common coffers.

After thorough studies already carried out by Stick Your Gum Here, Laura Martini, Focuses the attention of public authorities and the population to gum problem by proposing a new communication strategy easily present the most critical areas of the city, close to bus stops, schools, parks, cinema ...

To respect the environment and therefore to attack rudeness it will be sufficient to follow the instructions printed on Post-Gum: Detach the square - Wrap the chewinGum - Throw everything in the trash. The civics solution comes from a poster that teaches good education. And to what is not just a
simple poster to look at but to use, the Milanese designer does not miss the irony and creativity to make it more appealing.

Fight the sticky problem of chewing gum is possible.

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