The creativity of KREATIVISSIMI aluminum and "essence"

The creativity of KREATIVISSIMI aluminum and "essence" it has been modified: 2013-10-28 di jessica zannori

The e-commerce continues exploration on the network preparing for the coming months the launch of new furnishing solutions "kreative" and innovative. The underlying theme of Italian production is the craftsmanship, the production chain in Km0, research in materials and workmanship.

Il table KUN testifies to their skill and passion that lies behind every project Kreativissimi signed. In fact the company has managed to shape a sheet in essence to the aluminum frame with a sleek rounded to propeller.

The same processing was used for the realization of 'hanger Fly. The aluminum core, light but solid 5mm, is available in natural finish coated in oak, rosewood and pickled oak.
Fly recalls the movement of a butterfly, the "flapping of wings in the air." An element that appears to float in the room. Minimal lines allow you to adapt it to different areas of the house from the entrance to the bedroom.

Both models, Kun and Fly, as the whole collection proposed by Kreativissimi are signed by designer Danilo Fedeli.

Kun is proposed with aluminum frame, lacquered black or white, or covered by a soft leaf of oak or rosewood. Dimensions: cm x 66 66 x 31cm

Fly is available in two versions: Basic, black and white, and Wood, in oak, rosewood and pickled oak. The structure is made of aluminum. Dimensions: cm x 50 50 x 182cm


FLY set


kun set

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