Group Productions / The stand of Listone Giordano at Made Expo 2013

Group Productions / The stand of Listone Giordano at Made Expo 2013 it has been modified: 2013-10-02 di jessica zannori

Let's dress your business. This is the payoff of a brand, to Publistand, the Group Arrangements, Which for over 40 years best interprets the needs and strategies of their clients in order to provide their exhibition stands that could best represent the image to the outside. And once again, we can say that Publistand have hit the target. And we will see it "live" to the Made Expo 2013From the 2 5 October at the pad. 7 Milan Rho Fair.

Publistand has indeed embraced the philosophy of Listone Giordano, Flagship brand of Margaritelli Group, a company that demonstrates great vitality since 1870 and has built its success on technological innovation to be recognized until today the undisputed leader in Italy and in the world in woodworking interior.

Its focus is on a history of over one hundred years of passion for wood and those values ​​that have sustained its growth and innovation over time. The contemporary interpretation and product innovation by LAGO design will give space to new creative friendships with Oikos and Jannelli & Volpi. Oikos treats color as a real constituent element of the project while respecting the environment that surrounds us; in the idea that color and material are fundamental tools to make the space around us more beautiful and to transform the environment in which each of us spends his life.

Listone Giordano fully embraces the principles of ethical production and environmental sustainability inspired by the thought of the beautiful, the value of history and the environment. The world Listone Giordano is confirmed to be an evolving project and change, a system of furniture to the floor that has the objective of raising the quality of living our time, urging the creativity and imagination of those who interact daily with the world of design.

The space is described by a layout "experiential" more than the exhibition of about 200 sq.m. within which they live 4 thematic rooms, environments of living spaces that describe and frame the new product generation and part of two worlds contiguous and complementary; projecting a sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor, including horizontal and vertical, between two-dimensional and three-dimensional.
The parquet is well read in contemporary helping to bring unexpected solutions and introducing unprecedented mingling of materials, colors, finishes, surface treatments and signs of flavor "craft" not to forget the tradition and corporate DNA.







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