Honeycomb Luceplan ... as cells of a beehive!

honeycomb luceplan
Honeycomb Luceplan ... as cells of a beehive! it has been modified: 2013-04-02 di

La pendant lamp Honeycomb Luceplan, As the cells of a beehive, is composed of hexagonal modules that aggregate in a charming organic symmetry. Hexes, coupled together by small forks, give rise to a self-supporting structure capable of housing sources LED and halogen energy saver for direct and indirect light.

A loose aggregation of hexagonal modules of engineering plastics injection molded, draws a bright object modular suspended. The system evokes the geometric regularity and repetitive cells of the hive, but allows an extreme autonomy in defining the shape and the lighting you want.

Light and structure are designed as independent elements: you can choose, in fact, to equip with only a few light source modules, alternating freely compositions of lighting elements and not by expanding the system at will with individual modules of three elements.




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