Gattoni Rubinetteria / GENESYS series: sustainability in bathroom furnishings

Gattoni Rubinetteria / GENESYS series: sustainability in bathroom furnishings it has been modified: 2013-04-15 di jessica zannori

The series GENESYS di Gattoni Rubinetteria is an integral part of the philosophy called Green Attitude that focuses on corporate strategies sustainability, environmental protection and responsible behavior. Like all the company's collections, is characterized by technology components designed to provide a pleasing aesthetic and a long-term operation, in respect of the most important international standards in terms of both production and functionality with low environmental impact. In the collection of fittings for the bathroom called MODERN, the series GENESYS provides a sinuous shape enveloping that combines design and ergonomics of the line, and is available in chrome finish and valuable combination with special satin chrome.

Il mixer basin Its size (cm body height and projection mouth 16,5 11,9 cm) and has a heart ecological cartridge optimizes consumption and avoid unnecessary overload of energy. Through a flow limiter is set by the dispensing 6 liters of water per minute (instead of the traditional 12 liters per minute), while a temperature limiter allows to set to minimum values ​​the rotation of the lever toward the warm avoiding that the boiler works to produce boiling water is not required. The air vents are equipped with flow reducers that, the water is mixed with the air, allow save up to 30% water getting a better cast: same power and nothing sketches! The series is complete and consists of basin mixer, bidet, recessed bathtub and shower tub, outdoor hot tub and shower and can be combined with all the proposals for the shower.





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