The Rock / new sinks colored Tecnoblu, Cersaie 2013

The Rock / new sinks colored Tecnoblu, Cersaie 2013 it has been modified: 2013-09-14 di jessica zannori

The RockOn the occasion of cersaie 2013, Presents a new palette of colors to be applied to top Tecnoblu: natural tones, soft and versatile than giving the room a touch of delicacy and elegance. The new shades from the collection Lineo, which add to the glossy white and matte are cement, cappuccino, ivory and gray smoke.

I new sinks colored paste are all made of matt finish and can be a support, molded or integrated top, the thickness of 12 mm, which continued for the entire length of the vanity. The Tecnoblu, Solid, non-porous, homogeneous, antibacterial and not treated with paint, is composed of mineral fillers and resins, tough and renewable. Thanks to its characteristics that allow it to be resistant to stains, to high temperatures and thermal shock, is suitable to be used in the embodiments of objects that are in contact with the water. Easy to clean, For Tecnoblu opaque, just use warm water, sponge and mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth. In case of scratches use abrasive paper thin together with a detergent powder. You will get the perfect restoration of the surface over time guaranteeing an optimal maintenance.




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