Framici presents Mordicchio

Framici presents Mordicchio it has been modified: 2017-07-06 di paolafraboni

FRAMES of Paola Fraboni is a small reality that wants to include in the home and in everyday life the felines who live in our homes.

SHARING therefore is the ultimate goal that finds its expression in the realization of IBIRDI furniture items that can be used by both humans and domestic feline animals; Objects that consider their psychology.
Mordicchio is the first of the species and is a double-function object: it's both a human coat hanger and a cats game.

It is made of hand-honed ash wood and finished with virgin beeswax. The ball is made of birch wood, covered in natural cotton and jute, also made entirely by hand.

This object aims to highlight some important aspects of FRAMICI's philosophy, which want to be the heart of the project itself, namely craftsmanship, care in detail, made possible only through the craftsmanship itself and the exclusive use of natural materials.

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