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Scirocco H introduces the first 3D configurator for thermocouples

Scirocco H introduces the first 3D configurator for thermocouples it has been modified: 2017-07-06 di Scirocco H

The new landing page for a few hours has been online New Dress, The Scirocco H thermal design created by Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda that combines a steel body with interchangeable covers and a unique design.

The new page is the natural completion of the renewal path that New Dress has started from 2016 with the introduction of new special finishes and unpublished cover sheets, which have thus led to the 7 cover types available, without forgetting The "naked" version where only the heating body can be ordered.

Created not to be just a showcase to discover the details and features of New Dress, the website has been designed to be a true 3D online configurator with which, in just a few clicks, create your own custom radiator. The idea is to provide a valuable tool that can preview the end result of the match between the heating body and the cover, leaving the user free to "mix" different styles and colors according to their style or style Of the room in which it is installed.

In this case, the choices are almost endless, starting with the classic chromed heating body, passing through the colored (65 shade during implementation), until it comes to the special "raw iron" finish, from the unmistakable industrial look.
Once the structure is defined, it is time to choose the favorite cover: the colored hardened glass and stainless steel glossy mirror are joined by the new micro-foil sheet metal plates and the exclusive metal sheet with shiny stainless steel profile in the " "And" Crimpy ".

The Italian and English bilingual version has a clean and minimalist design in the style of Scirocco H, and has been created with the latest responsive technologies that allow it to be used by PCs, Macs, Notebooks and any Tablet (Horizontal Screen ).

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