DAVID SELECTION: innovative textural Machining for "Resin Art Panel"

DAVID SELECTION: innovative textural Machining for "Resin Art Panel" it has been modified: 2014-05-17 di jessica zannori

Artistic resin graphics digitally printed on panels, composed of two thin aluminum sheets, separated by a polyethylene heart and extremely light.

They are the "Resin Art Panel", whose high weather resistance and high (and low) temperatures make them universal solutions for the interior design, applicable for both domestic use and for the community, such as the preparation of stores, showrooms, hotels, spas.

Peter Gaeta proposes in 6 diptychs different, stand out for graphical composition and colors.

The collection consists of 36 pieces, produced in a limited edition, signed and numbered. All panels are strongly characterized by the creativity of their designer, who loves to mix and contaminate heterogeneous styles to make every object "a unique aesthetic experience", as he often likes to declare.

The inspiration from which part is always Michelangelo's David, the ideal of beauty in art, revisited with a contemporary eye and portrait in detail the most significant, in detail, and never in the totality of the figure. Even nature is present in many variations, portrayed in exciting moments and amplified in its nuances more articulated, always investigated up to its most extreme.

The panels are molded with epoxy resin, and they are of square dimensions (mm x mm 1000 1000 2 per mm of thickness), optionally assembled together.



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