Cs Harrier Design / Flap, the aluminum housing for ultrabook

Cs Harrier Design / Flap, the aluminum housing for ultrabook it has been modified: 2013-05-31 di jessica zannori

Flap is a Anodized aluminum case designed to protect the ultrabook from scratches and bumps. A product Made in Italy craftsmanship practical, lightweight and stylish. Designed by Harrier Design E 'designed for those who need to keep their data safe and take them easily without sacrificing lightness, key feature for those who choose an ultrabook. Protection and handling in less than 1 kg. The design characterized airfoil makes a custody Flap ergonomic, easy to handle with one hand and meant to be used as a support for daily work.

Flap is not just a case for ultrabook, is also an elegant bag with leather and zipper 6 different colors, With adjustable shoulder strap. L ' padding that protects the ultrabook also contains two practical compartments and a tab that allows you to extract easily and fast your ultrabook. The rounded shape of the wing profile means that in case of impact the blow disperse the force of impact along the radius of curvature, which minimizes the effect of impact on the inner content. The characteristics of Flap and its small size make it a versatile case, ideal for professionals who travel frequently for work in the city and in the most extreme environments / adventure.




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