CONFUSION - A chair from cardboard scraps

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CONFUSION - A chair from cardboard scraps it has been modified: 2015-05-05 di John Baldini

Did you happen to do things with the cardboard? If you did you will have noticed that at the end of each working your laboratory is invaded by cuttings of every kind and size, waste inevitably destined to be destroyed.

In this confusion you think that there may be some pieces to save, maybe that will be useful for future work and so started to select waste to keep and which ones to bring the card to the box. In fact, with few exceptions, the disposal of waste stored is only delayed because the part you need is not there almost never.

"Confusion" is born, from the confusion, from residues of waste. It stems from an attempt to recover even parts that do not otherwise never would use, or to take advantage of those great cartoons that found bent and folded back on themselves and from which you can not get virtually nothing. And so with the smaller pieces it fills the space of the seat and it reinforces the structure, while the bigger cartons, even those spoiled, cut strips of the main and the texture of the final coating. It is they that have been converted from cartons of different quality and color that eventually produced an interesting color effect emphasized by fine fabric and lively pillow that makes a contrast to the poverty of cardboard. Quality fabric is true, but still surplus coating an armchair definitely richer in this, although perhaps not quite as convenient.

Eventually "Confusion" is not a concept to think about and to do it better I just have sedermici, relax and close your eyes.

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