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DUNE Design Italo Pertichini
Natural Design Collection / Italo Pertichini WALL DESIGN PLUS it has been modified: 2013-05-04 di Benedict Flowers

WALL DESIGN PLUS is the new brand created by DECOR Srl leading domestic and international level with twenty years experience in the production of decorative panels stone veneer.

The collection Natural Design It represents the starting point of a new way of conceiving the walls, the wide range of three-dimensional aesthetic solutions and the ability to add, in the final stage of installation, unlimited colors meet any project requirement, characterizing absolutely personal any wall.

No longer a simple two-dimensional decoration, but an elegant and sophisticated three-dimensional texture, a high-end product that once laid, plastered and painted becomes an integral part of the wall and the surrounding space, a new piece of furniture that personalizes and characterizes any environment.

The artistic director of WALL DESIGN PLUS has been entrusted to the Designer Italo Pertichini which, together with the consolidated experience of DECOR technicians, has been able to give the Natural Design collection great aesthetic value and remarkable simplicity of application. Much attention has been given to the ergonomic and functional aspect: the main requirement is safety, curved and "soft" shapes, to touch and caress, a new and pleasant sensory and tactile experience which, together with the changing lighting conditions of the environment, natural / artificial, it will highlight the pleasant dynamism of the forms.

The Natural Design collection consists of 12 different panels made MANOCER® a fiber-reinforced mixture based on noble ceramic-coated mortar, the result of DECOR's twenty-year research experience, consisting mainly of the most natural material there is: stone and other expertly blended ingredients of natural origin, eco-friendly e fully recyclable.

More information is available at:

DUNE Single Design Italo Pertichini

BROOK Design Italo Pertichini

BROOK single Design Italo Pertichini

GROUND Design Italo Pertichini

GROUND Design Italo Pertichini single

ICE Design Italo Pertichini

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MOON Design Italo Pertichini

MOON single Design Italo Pertichini

SAND Design Italo Pertichini

SAND Single Design Italo Pertichini

WAVE Design Italo Pertichini

WAVE Single Design Italo Pertichini

WIND Design Italo Pertichini

WIND single Design Italo Pertichini

WOODY Design Italo Pertichini

WOODY single Design Italo Pertichini

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