Mara Srl / modular bookcase B 302

MG 7386
Mara Srl / modular bookcase B 302 it has been modified: ‭2013-06-21 di eggired

Designed by young designers Barbi Bottazzo and produced by Mara Srl, B-302 is a modular library that fits, for residential, offices or shops.

Entirely made of metal, material that guarantees its long life, is coated with epoxy which, in turn, guarantee its color unchanged over the years.

MG 7347

MG 7362 shadow

MG 7634     

Combining more similar modules, B-302gives the possibility of forming endless compositions, also suspended.

MG 7369

B-302 is dvailable in 5 color variations, supplied with the kit screws for the conjunction of the modules together.

More information is available at this link:

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