"Casanova" by Rubinetterie Stella.

basin mixer Casanova
"Casanova" by Rubinetterie Stella. it has been modified: 2015-06-25 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

Born from the creativity of the architect Maurizio Duranti, the "Casanova" series Rubinetterie Stella It is inspired by the neo-classical world.

The square shapes with cannettate surfaces, which recall the classical architecture pilasters, give the collection a seductive stylistic sobriety.

The mixers, beyond the overt functional efficiency, characteristic universally recognized to Stella products, are reported as objects of beauty that recall the elegance, lifestyle and refinement of Casanova Venice.

The collection, for optimal placement in a wide range of furniture solutions, is proposed in 8 finishes: chrome, nickel and nickel PVD, PVD brass, silver, 24-carat gold, bronze and brushed nickel.

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