Synth, harmonize water: the new series of Mina faucets that makes current family gestures.

Synth, harmonize water: the new series of Mina faucets that makes current family gestures. it has been modified: 2018-08-21 di zubalu

The temperature and flow are like the volume and tone of a melody, you need to adjust them carefully to achieve the ideal comfort.

It starts from a basic concept: the water control through the tap control, a stainless steel cylinder enriched by incisions and grooves, which allow to perfectly dose the energy of the movement. In the foreground the work on steel, of which Mina is expert.

And again a decline on the front of the command, to create a subtle but decisive shadow that enhances the link between the light and the surface. What emerges in all its brilliance is the design of brushed steel that can also tune into the surrounding environment. The dimension is minimal, limited, measured several times, reduced in thickness to stay there, on the border between the indispensable and the proportionally light.

Many possible compositions of the Synth series, including the three-hole solution, with separate controls for cold and hot water, which are an important plus for this series: the controls can be positioned either traditionally with a central barrel or with the cane lateral, to emphasize even more the gesture of mixing and regulating the water with the respective rotation of the elements.

The Synth collection, entirely made of stainless steel, is divided into several proposals for the sink, shower and bath areas, mixing the mood of the past with contemporary compositional projects.

MINA is a family company capable of combining genuine experience and craftsmanship with innate genuineness with the taste for the project, the certified industrial quality and the link with the raw material. Active since the early 50 years, in the 1998 the choice to produce a whole range of taps completely in stainless steel. The AISI 316L is still the backbone of the company's development. For MINA the best material to propose collections of high-end faucets, intended for the kitchen and bathroom, ranging from accessories and accessories all made in stainless steel.

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