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Between substance, container and / or packaging “Good design, food design. Design meets food "

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Between substance, container and / or packaging “Good design, food design. Design meets food " it has been modified: 2015-06-24 di r

“Conversations on creativity”: Fabrizio Sansoni, food stylist, designer & chef and Francesca Meana, paper designer, talk about it.

The Association GIFASP and Arclinea in partnership with INSIDE - Mondadori, were the promoters of a conversation-showcooking which saw the impressive participation of two young Milanese talent Sansoni and Meana.

A Showcooking - Talk centered around an 'Orange Experience', that is the orange, "an object in which there is absolute coherence between form, function and consumption": it is the event entitled "Good design, food design - Interior and exterior food landscapes ”which took place on 22 June 2015 at the Centro Cucine Arclinea in Milan. Organized by the GIFASP Association which promotes the "Culture of protection and sustainability" and which has always been involved in protection and packaging and by Arclinea, which this year celebrates its 90th anniversary and for which the "culture of design" intersects " the culture of food ”, saw Fabrizio Sansoni, food stylist, designer & chef and Francesca Meana, paper designer, tell about themselves and, while they worked, show their point of view on the coherence between content, form, function and consumption. The formula that focused on "informal youth talent" hit the target immediately. An encounter, therefore, in which there was almost a reconnection with the tradition of the ancient kitchens of the past, the center and soul of conversation and home life, good food and lovingly cared for packaging. The concept of Gifasp4Expo “Culture of protection and sustainability” has been declined with design and its function.

"Good design, food design - Interior and exterior food landscapes", in harmony with the values ​​of Expo Milano 2015 and within the format "Design meets food, Milan meets the world - Conversations on creativity", was an origami-event built with joy and in real time.

Beautiful, good, perfect technically, but the heart and the passion?

We took an engraved by "fable" of Fabrizio Sansoni during his speech: "as a tale, premise and conclusions are my strong points. What I'm getting at is that I consider the first point and then do a reverse path. Inspires me to understand the mood, I have to express the concept. From there I follow a journey back that allows me to find a logic and a staple of departure. Study the international chefs and their techniques. I feel a thousand times, I cook all night at certain times. I do not think that the food can be just good or just good or just technique. It takes all the components and also the heart and passion. "

Make consistent content, form and function

Francesca Meana, during the talk, dealt in depth with the theme underlying the meeting: “I believe that in order for the content, form and function to be coherent, all the various actors in the process must be able to collaborate as much as possible. Content is what needs to be emphasized, the focal point of a project; the shape and function of the packaging must help the use of the product, tell it, be the interface between the product and the customer but above all the packaging must protect. What is interesting and what I am trying to push is the fact that shape and function can change over the life of the packaging: once you have finished communicating and protecting the product, it would be nice not to turn it into waste and for the packaging to buy. a life of its own and it would be even better if the packaging design was already born with this intent and did not leave reuse to the imagination of the end user ".

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