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ANTAREI / KITCHENS RED DETAILS AND FROZEN WHITE, starring the Corian it has been modified: 2012-11-14 di Barbara Machin

Who loves the Corian® can not remain indifferent to the kitchen Red Details (design Loredana Dorigutto), a new proposal signed Antarei where this extraordinary material becomes the protagonist.

A distinguishing Red Details dimensions but also a technological aspect and modern, perfect for integrating into a contemporary living area.

The starting point to understand the uniqueness of Red Details are precisely the materials. The Corian® solid surface a solid, non-porous, homogeneous, chose to create both base and wall units (in Glacier White finish) that for the plan work. Easy to clean, durable and renewable, this material - invented and manufactured by DuPont - is resistant to sunlight and its color is stable with the passage of time. To break the continuity of some white doors, both in the bases and in the wall units, are presented in dark oak, fine finish that is biologically Antarei.

A side of the hood, integrated in a wall cabinet above the sink in Corian, develops a cluster of practical modules / containers presented in white and red (the "red detail", in fact, which gives its name to the kitchen).

Much like another model, Frozen White, where where the touch of color - beyond the white Corian and dark oak base and wall of some - is given by the cyan used for container modules.

Frozen White

As in other cuisines of the collection Antarei, much importance is given to ergonomics and the use of space in order to facilitate the user in performing his work in the kitchen.

The height of lavoroviene such customized according to the stature of the customer (from a minimum of 83 cm to a maximum of 103 cm) while the plans work Antarei are deeper than traditional 5 cm (cm against 65 60 cm ) increasing dell'8% of the available space.

Then choosing the basic modules "H" created by Antarei, which measure 84 cm high and 62 inches deep, you can increase the capacity up to 30% compared to traditional basic modules.

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