A pixelated white wave: the iconic headquarters of Durst Group AG between landscape and architectural art in Bressanone

The innovative headquarters of Durst Group AG in Bressanone, designed by Studio monovolume architecture + design, rises like a pixelated white wave in the landscape.


Light s / s 2017 | Anna Zullian

This project is Represented by a triptych of rings and the biggest source of inspiration was the metaphorical meaning That light has for me.


Pleasantly White Suspended

Upboard formed by a rectangular volume divided into three and made with molded feet.


Synergy of Fir Italy, the designer fittings with handle made of DuPont ™ Corian®

Synergy of Fir Italy gives you the opportunity to choose a design mixer with the handle of the same material of the other elements of your bathroom.

Architecture News

Techno-surface in the restoration of the modern: Corian®

The white color of the DuPontTM Corian® techno-surface - a tone that conveys pleasant sensations of space, openness and lightness - was used for the transformation of a residential and commercial building of the 70s, dark and massive, located in the central square of the market in Backnang, a German city located in Baden-Württenberg.