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Rossini lighting for the new offices of the Milan Metro 4

Rossini lighting for the new offices of the Milan Metro 4 it has been modified: 2016-09-02 di Valentina Vincenti

Rossini Lighting It was chosen to light the executive offices of the last born of the Milan metro lines, M4.

The spaces, located in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Castello, have the typical structure of the buildings of the city and have been completely redesigned, and are contemporary with white trim, partition walls made of transparent glass and essential furnishings.

It was necessary to make them efficient and welcoming environments and lighting played a decisive role.

The new system was to integrate the existing architecture and allow to achieve considerable savings in energy and maintenance, as well as offering an illumination without glare to facilitate the unfolding of the work activities.

Rossini lighting, after studying the environment also based on the presence of persons and the contribution of natural light, has installed two technologically advanced lighting models, designed just for the workplace, ensuring excellent lighting and low consumption, both with simple aesthetics, light and modern, which blends perfectly with the chosen style.

In the offices is the lamp Nashi, Direct light gray finish, while the corridors of the LED panels ceiling Drachma.

Nashi is a modular system with direct light, available with LED source with traditional light source (fluorescent T5). The body is made of extruded aluminum, cast aluminum heads and is available with accessories such as anti-reflection optical or diffuser. In M4 project it was proposed in LED version pendant gray finish.

Drachma is an LED panel applicable to mounted, suspended, recessed for plasterboard ceilings and false ceilings with exposed structure panels. The body is made of white extruded aluminum, the diffuser screen is methacrylate for optimum light diffusion. The device produces a UGR <19 (glare factor).

Rossini Illuminazione_uffici M4_Milano_9_low

Rossini Illuminazione_uffici M4_Milano_1_low1

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